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Author Topic: A New Version Of Dilantin Is Giving Pfizer Fits  (Read 3374 times)
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A New Version Of Dilantin Is Giving Pfizer Fits [/size]

[span style=\'color:green\']One way that brand-name drugmakers fend off generic competition is to charge that a copycat version lacks bioequivalency, another way of saying the generic is absorbed differently in the body. Even though the FDA may have approved a generic as sufficiently similar to the brand-name med, slight differences can still cause some patients to experience problems if they switch drugs.

In an unusual twist, Pfizer seems to have created a switching problem for itself. Last fall, the drugmaker began marketing a new version of its age-old Dilantin med for treating epilepsy. Citing a need to upgrade manufacturing, Pfizer stopped selling Dilantin Kapseals and began selling Dilantin capsules. But some epileptics are complaining that the new product is causing seizures.

On one forum, for instance, Mike from Springfield, Illinois, writes:

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