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« on: October 27, 2004, 12:22:14 AM »

:blink:  :blink:  As if I didnt have enough to undertake! :blink:

Any one have any ideas I can use as to how to present epilepsy as a disease/disability without scaring too many 7 yr old boys? Im thinking of trying to inclde the EFA as a resource.....Im working on all disabilities( the most common anyhow) and looking to include many special needs kids into the den as possible. They'll be teamed up with a typical child as sort of a team for scouting. All ideas and activities welcome! All input greatly appreciated! I want to be sensitive, but not dwelling? make sense???? :wacko:  
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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2004, 12:26:36 AM »

EFA does have good resources for educating.  Including, discussing seizures to all ages.  I have found that kids like to know the seizure rescue techniques, so please include that in your presentation.  

 :goodluck:  Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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How about a list of:

Famous People with Epilepsy:

Bud Abbott-(Abbott & Costello)
Alexander the Great
Grover Cleveland Alexander (Pro Baseball player)
Dante Alighieri
Buddy Bell-USA (Pro Baseball player/manager)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Richard Burton
Lindsay Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)
Lord Byron
Julius Caesar
Truman Capote
Lewis Carroll
Charles V (Emperor of Austria)
Agatha Christie
Ian Curtis (of the band Joy Division)
Leonardo da Vinci
Jonathan Davis (of the band Korn)
Charles Dickens
Fydor Dostoevsky
Gustave Flaubert
Danny Glover
Sidhartha Guatama (The Buddah)
Tony Greig-England (Cricket)
Georg Fredrick Handel
Hannibal of Carthage
Margaux (Margot) Hemingway
Gary Howatt-USA (Hockey)
Joan of Arc
Elton John
Bob Jones-USA (Basketball)
Florence Griffith Joyner
Tony Lazzzari-USA (Baseball)
Edward Lear
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Vachel Lindsay
James Madison-US President
Jean Moliere-French playwright
Isaac Newton
Alfred Nobel
Nicolo Paganini
Saint Paul (disputed)
Peter the Great
Pope Pious IX
Edgar Allen Poe
Jonty Rhodes-South Africa (Cricket)
Cardinal Richelieu of France
Sir Walter Scott
Pioter (Peter) Tchaikovksy
Harriet Tubman
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Wade (Australian soccer)
William III
Neil Young

I usually weed out this list and use only the people who will most impress the audience that I'll be talking to.
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thanks for the info....I hadnt realised that Elton John?????Has  epilepsy???????  Im noticing a bunch of brilliant people on these lists....makes ya wonder what casued it in them.......

I plan on keeping it simple...simple and stressing tolerance for differences. Luckily, I was a recreation Therapist before my kids were born, so have some really crafty ideas floating around.....I love the age group( I have the tiger cubs....7 yrs old!) so they are pretty moldable to stressing tolerance and acceptance. My son is eager to show off his VNS and all the bells and whistles :rolleyes:  that accompany it. He feels like the local cool kid...the kids in his class have been awesome! Thanks for the very cool list. have an awesome site! :Thanx:  ;)  
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Alicia,     :Great!:

I'll give you a high 5 on what you are going to be doing with your Tigers.  I feel teaching young one early in age is great about disabilities of today's world.  I myself grew up with epilepsy and other young ones didn't know about epilepsy because parents didn't teach their children about the many disabilities that are of the world.

I too was a scout leader it was so much fun with the little ones.   :goodluck:

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