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My husband was sitting in the hospital cafeteria and was feeling pretty down because our daughter had another medical dx to add to the already large amount. A lady sat at the next table and started to talk to him. He started to tell her our daughter's long story and she just sat and listened. After an hour or so, when he was done she told him that she would pray for our daughter and left. My husband stayed in the cafeteria for a few more minutes before returning to work. When he was getting up to leave he looked up from the table and she was standing there. She reached down and placed on the table a piece of paper and this is what it said:
"Thought of you in my quiet time today!"
She had asked for a special prayer to go to her new friend at Valley Hospital- "Bless him and his wonderful family"
On the inside of the paper it read:
                                                Pure of Heart
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8
A friends daughter has severe Down's Syndrome. Jessica is a teenager now, but her mother has to care for her as if she were a much younger child. My friend is the pianist at her church and often brings her daughter with her to rehearsals in the sanctuary. Jessica loves to sing. Although she is tone deaf, Jessica's face beams when she is allowed to take the microphone and make joyful noises to her mother's piano accompaniment. The empty church echos with non-melodious praises. Yet I think God must rejoice every time Jessica sings.
Jessica's praise is special because it comes from a heart free to worship God. She has no pride in her voice, no ulterior motives, and nothing to prove. She isn't worried about anything or anyone. She simply knows that Jesus loves her and wants to sing for Him in His house. Her heart is truly pure.
"Oh, dear Father, help me worship You as does Jessica. Unfocus my mind on self and the cares of life and help me to truly see You today with all of my heart."
All of this from a very special earthbound Angel.
Gina Seideman
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