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Author Topic: Surgery Date Approaching  (Read 26319 times)
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It is my understanding that it will be the neuo who will do that. I spoke with the surgeon in regards to the company "pushing their device" and he agreed with me that it should not be the manufacturer selling the unit and it's benifit but the nero that decides whether it will benifit the patient or not and be there from the get go through surgery and post op. I do give my surgeon credit this time for he was gentle, caring, and very very sterile. It feels wonderful no to have the unit in my collar bone. No work for me tomorrow and light dudty the rest of the week to give the scar tissue time to take hold and the stitches to do their thing. I have to say that I am still unhappy with the scaring and now with a third incision. I pray that I receive benifit form this device and am able to at least lower my medications. I hope and pray to be a success story. I feel for those that the unit has'net benifited or in some cases that I have read on here, make the conditions worse. Keep your fingers crossed all........................... :wub: a lot of love to all that have supported me through this.

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