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Author Topic: Out of control? Underdeveloped?  (Read 5430 times)
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« on: March 21, 2006, 07:14:45 AM »

Recently I have been contacted by several parents of children who all have severe growth problems.

These issues encompass extremes of both ends of the scale, from total lack of growth to excessive out of control growth in children who have had the VNS. The one thing in common with these children is this problem began after the VNS was implanted and stimulation began. Testing the blood finds the growth hormones are off the charts.

Even after the VNS had been turned off and/or removed the growth problems still exsisted. It appears that the pitutary gland has recieved some type of damage and in one case tumors of the adrenal glad was also found.

The pitutary gland sits in the center of the brain. It is a gland that controls growth. The crainal nerves (Vagus nerve included) run along side the pitutary gland.

Over stimulation of the Vagus nerve causes many problems, is this a new phenomenon or a fluke? Are there children experiancing these growth issues and pitutary damage because of the VNS? I have been searching for answers and others who are experiancing these same problems. This may a very serious potential side effect in children.
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